Virtual gameplay theme based games are trendy on the internet because they give you some real like activities. These types of games give you some positive vibes, and this affects your daily life make you more productive in your workspace. Episode is one of the best games in virtual simulation category. This game gives an opportunity to make your romantic story and meets with new friends. You can decorate your rooms and other components of Episode. You download this game on the internet and play with your imaginations.

Some of the currency is the need of any game. Currency maintains the interest of the user. Acquiring currency is the primary objective of any player, and this will happen only when you know the source of currencies. So we talk about which types of currency used in Episode. Currency requires for unlocking the different Episodes.

Two type of currencies of Episode

  • Gems
  • Passes


Episode is unique gameplay with the various stories. It also includes some types of currencies. You have to collect currencies, these will help you in completing some tasks. Gems are used in Episode. When you log in the game first time, then gems are automatically added in your account. You do not face any problem to collect Gems. It is a significant currency because it is used for buying some clothes and other accessories. Some user collects with different hacks, so you also try Episode Hack for huge Gems.


Passes is a primary currency, the player can save for many other purposes. Passes will help you for getting some other episodes. Although some part of other episodes you can play free of cost, some part is payable. You can earn the passes on daily uses.

 Effectively utilize your currency

Every player dreams of a massive amount of currency because it’s beneficial for him. If you have a huge amount of currency, then you have to use the currency wisely and maintain your account with a sufficient amount of currency. You can find out some of the hacks from Episode hack to utilize your currency.