Living is an air polluted environment can cause major problems to health. So it is very important to clean the air for a hale and hearty health. This is the season of summer, and in every home, air conditioners are common to be found. It is advised by the professionals that cleaning the AC filters is a must from time to time as it will help in cleaning keep the air fresh at the home. It will help in improving the AC system as well and enhance the efficiency of it too. So go to the hardware shop and buy the best home ac filter to bring fresh air in home ad to make the AC work in a better manner. But when the person visits to store, he will get shocked by getting to know about different options. There are different types of AC filters available in the market, which makes it a little confusing for the one option to pick.

MERV rating

Before getting to know about the different types of AC filters, knowing about the MERV ratings is important. MERV is the rating system which helps to know how the effective the AC filter is to remove the polluted particles from the air. The higher rating filter has the more efficient result it will bring. The ratings should be in between 11 to 16, and the buyer should ask from the manufacturer about the information of the ratings.

Different types:-

There are different types of AC filters available in the market. Few of those types are:-

Fiberglass AC filters

These AC filters are a mesh of fiberglass, which is a flat panel. It does not perform good work to collecting the dust particles from the air. The filter is having the rating of 1-4. It is not so good at its working and helps to collect only 10% of pollutants from the air. Anyone can easily buy it as this is the cheaper one.

Pleated polyester AC filters

The shape of this filter helps in catching more dust particles before it gets in the air. It helps in collecting almost 45% of pollutants and having 10 – 13 MERV ratings.

Other options are also there, so before buying the best home ac filter; go through the other options as well.