For all the players who are in search of number one strategy-based game, here present the best game named Castle Clash. It aims to provide the best gaming experience as by giving lots of fine features such as high-quality graphics, various types of currency, rewards and many others as well. Also, in Castle Clash there are lots of playing modes present which gamers need to play accordingly as to get full enjoy form the game. In the upcoming paragraphs you are going to know the main aspects of Castle Clash.

Types of in-game currency

In the particular game, currency is available in two types. Both these types of in-game currency are used to perform various essential activities such as upgradation of heroes, unlocking hero and many other things as well. Therefore, it is necessary to know both types of currency and then earn them in large amount to make progress. The first type of currency is gems and another type of currency is gold. Gamers earn them by using Castle Clash Cheats or hacks directly. Also, players get currency by adding their Facebook account to the game.

Role of events and challenges

It is vital for the gamers to know the roles of challenges and events in Castle Clash. They have to know that there are lots of events or challenges present which gamers need to complete as to earn currency and to make progress. events are added to the game every week and then they simply have to complete them as to go ahead. By doing so, they get gems and gold or also come at the top of the leader board in the game.