From all over the world, lifeafter game is very much liked by the people because of its amazing graphics and stunning features. It is very essential that one must know all about the crucial things and challenges used in the following game.

Know about home base

Home base is the essential thing for the game for the survival. You cannot live or move further if you are not having requisite features regarding home base. As you build the interior and exterior the level of the Manor get increased with that. The items of the base building get unlocked when you get higher level of Manor which is easily placed in the home base. To unlock the items and resources you can also use Lifeafater Hack, which cost no charges.

Eat as much as you can

One can use the petrol Barrel for the activities which are related to the outdoors cooking. One can collect lots of wood before starting the cooking for the suitable dish. Wood is required to make the food and also in the cooking area. You can also master different types of recipes from the petrol barrels or also you can use the bonfire with the help of it. It is advised to eat that type of recipes and dish which will definitely boost your skills and survival energy. You can also eat the dishes during the travel as it will not reduce your energy and you can easily defend against the zombies.

Recover goods

One can easily recover their goods and resources after dying which is similar as you play the other survival game. One can easily get all the goods and resources which they want to find for the following game. It can be done with the help of map which is placed at the right corner of the screen or you can also on the icon for that.